How it works

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Pick your piece to paint.  With over 500 ceramic pieces and over 90 different paint colors to choose from, your painting options are endless. We have a vast selection of figurines to choose from, including dinnerware, holiday decorations, and cartoon characters.  Below are some samples of our collection, or come into our studio to browse around.
  2. When you’re done painting your figurine, leave the mess to us.  We’ll also take care of the firing and glazing for you!
  3. Stop by our store in about 7 - 10 days to pick up your masterpiece

Fees and Pricing

Studio Fee (includes tools, unlimited paints, painting time, and firing and
glazing of piece)

$10 - Adults

$7 – Children age 12 and under

For special pricing for groups, see our PARTIES section.