Pottery Painting Studio
Pottery Painting Studio
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We are more than willing to acconmodate your schedule. If you need to come in early or late.

Just let us know.

Welcome to Create Me!


CREATE ME is a contemporary pottery painting studio on a mission to bring out your inner artist.


YOU WANT–  a fun way to celebrate a special day, such as a child’s birthday
with a no-fuss cleanup.
Something new to do on a girl’s night out without too much planning or
breaking the bank.
Some extra alone time on a lazy afternoon, to pick up a new hobby
to give someone a one-of-a-kind personalized gift.


WE HAVE – Whether it’s for one person or groups up to 50, we have an
inviting atmosphere and an eager staff to help you explore your creativity.
We’ve got a wide selection of figurines for you to choose from, including
dinnerware, home decorations, and cartoon characters.  Let us host your
next party.  Catering is also available for parties booked in advance.


Come in and we’ll help you pick something to make yours. All fired pieces
are dishwasher, microwave, and food safe!  All ages welcome and no
appointment required for small groups!